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DSP-100E Digital Signage Player

market time:
DSP-100E Digital Signage Player,Digital Signage system,cloud media terminal device.

Product Overview:

Model DSP-100E cloud media terminal device is our develop patented products,it based on ARM Cortex-A9 fourth-generation high-definition network digital signage product, using Android4.X operating system, the video image displays effect,

audio processing capabilities keeps ahead of the HD decoding industry.

DSP-100E product with CVBS, HDMI and other audio and video input function,It can be watch synchronized with a

external audio and video input device,to publish multimedia advertising information.

Meanwhile, DSP-100E built-in wireless WiFi module, self-build WiFi hotspots, so the smart phones, iPads and other

devices can be connected to the product easily, to fully enjoy the rich multimedia information services.

Main features:

Supported video formats: H.264/VC-1/WMV9/MPEG2/MPEG4/AVS/JPEGetc.

Support media formats: AVI, MP4, TS, MOV,VOB, M2TS, MKV, WMV, etc.

Supported audio formats:Dolby/DTS/MPEG/WMA/AAC/MP3/LPCM etc.

Network Function: Support LAN/WiFi/3Gother network modes,network connect automatically , program data upload /download, access to information real-time.

File management features: file system,file management, file copy /delete.

Programs play features: Program layout analysis, playlist analysis, video output, etc.

Log record features: Play logging, systemlogging, unusual alarm records.

Local Download and Play: Previous receiving media contents via the network, and stored in the local storage then loop


Setfor Horizontal vertical screen playback function: video, pictures supports rotate, zoom, pan, background music


Auto switch on/off power: Set Subsection and timing, support seven days of a week playback at different times.

Flow Subtitle: support display the subtitle on multi-window, text can be scroll in multi-directional.

Spot announcement features: support tospot emergency subtitles or pictures.

Our Digital signage Media Player DSP-100 with Live TV,built-in TV tuner, so that you can presenting live TV.




Core System

CPU: ARM Cortex-A9, dual-core 1G; NAND: Standard configuration 4GB INAND

Output Interface

HDMI Interface

Video Input

HDMI Input, AV Input

USB Interface

2 x USB2.0 Interface

Ethernet port

1 x 100M Ethernet port RJ45 interface,1 x WiFi,Support IEEE802.11b/g/n , support 3G, WCDMA USB Module

Memory card interface

One interface for SD card (standard: 8G Class10 high speed SD card)

Real-time clock

Built-in RTC battery which can keep the clock running when the power lose,it will automatically synchronize the time with the Server when connected to the internet.

Infrared remote control

standard infrared remote control interface

Power Supply

DC 12V 3A power input,power consumption <25w<>


205 x 140 x 48mm


about 2.5kg

working temperature

Storage temperature: -20 90 , Working temperature: -5 - 55 ,

Humidity: 0% - 95%

Contrast :

Our Model DSP-100V is use for vehicle-mounted, DSP-100D and DSP-100E for

ground mounted.

Because the ground spaces are use Alternating Current,and in the Car

or on the Bus/Train are use battery to powered.

DSP-100D it canonly view the contents through mobile phones, and access to

the Internet.DSP-100E can only view the contents through mobile phones,

and access to the Internet,it can also connected TV to adversiting on TV.

(So we suggest DSP-100D is more suitable use in the station waiting room,

in the hall of Administrative Office. DSP-100E is suitable use in Hotels,

Banks which placehave TV. DSP-100V is suitable use in the bus, metro,

train, high-speed railway.)